How Did I Save Over $50,000 Per Year In Staffing Costs?

My name is Shaun Hughston, and I help businesses automate and streamline their apps and systems.

Perhaps like you, I am a small business owner.

I have had a desk literally drowning in paperwork, countless unanswered website enquires, and unreliable staff. I look at all sorts of options to make things easier, but they were all incredibly expensive. Then, I discovered some simple apps that can help even small businesses have world-class systems, and automation for a fraction of the cost.

It all started with Helen.

Helen was an employee in one of my businesses. Her job was largely administrative – collecting information, processing data, and filing it. The time came when she decided to retire, and I set about finding a replacement.

As I reviewed her job description in preparation to advertise the job, I realised that 95% of her job could be automated using apps and online software. So, by setting up some new workflows, and training my other team members, I saved over $50,000 per year in salary costs.

Is that something you’d like to do?

To get started, book a time for a free consultation with me to learn how I can help you achieve the same savings in time and money I did.